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Binge Watching

Brief by: Steve Stacey (Art Director - Sony Music/Sky)  |   2021   |   Art & Creative Direction,  Graphic Design


Create a visual language and campaign for a fictional album (2 day project).

The allocated Artist was Dua Lipa and the album title was ‘binge watching’.

rearranged art work landscape w grain.JPG


Dua has spoken about being in the public eye and exposure to online trolls 

She keeps herself protected with her beliefs and small circle. 

She is a strong believer in the evil eye and this is shown in her tattoos and cultural history.

dua vinyl.jpg
merch lip eye design.JPG


Campaign based on the evil eye to symbolise protection from people 'binge watching' Dua. Surrealism style to represent her surreal life of fame.

album idea with eye in mouth.JPG
Art work on billboard.JPG
poster eye lips.JPG
banner on spotify.JPG
Untitled_Artwork 2 copy.jpg
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