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Minor to Major

Client: Roberto D'Andria (Bear London)  |   2021  |   Art & Creative Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Typography

In collaboration with student Harry Hewitt


Rebrand a less known sport with the intention of making it a popular to fans and athletes. The sport allocated was Padel, Padel is a mix between Tennis and Squash. The sport was invented in Mexico in 1969, at present it is most popular in Spain.


Padel has an elitist/royal history, its popularity was accelerated when Spanish King Juan Carlos started promoting it.


‘King of football’ Lionel Messi is also a fan of the sport.

There is no Padel Champion in the UK (yet)

Making a sport minor to major requires more professional players

The lack of competition makes it easy to become the best


all model billboard.jpg


A bold energetic campaign inviting the audience to become the best in the game. Tying in the elitist and royal history with visual, copy and marketing activations.

improved poster 1.jpg
improved poster KING OF THE COURT.jpg
improv underground posters.jpg
improved moustache man poster.jpg
ad w crown 2.jpg
ad w crown 1.jpg

Guerilla marketing:

Ad takeover, Banksy style vandalism to create a buzz and emphasise the message that anybody can be crowned a Padel champion.

ad w crown 3.jpg
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