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Client: Neverland Agency, Kopparberg  |   2023   |   Illustration, Design, Creative Direction

*Shortlisted Designs*



Create a set of three Limited Edition labels for the iconic cider Kopparberg that is ‘Free to be’ whatever you want it to be. Part of the 'To firsts that last' campaign. Target audience are independent creative Gen Zers.


*The Kopparberg logo must always sit on black.

*Flavour cues (such as fruit illustrations) must be included.

*Has to fit in the oval shape label.

*Use Kopparberg colour pallete

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 00.14.34.png


Remind them of memories with Kopparberg like the time spent with friends, from sunsets to early morning sunrises. Inspire them to be excited for their future full of freedom and new beginnings to be explored!

From your first festival to the last sunset of summer, Kopparberg is always there. Kopparberg embodies the feeling of summer and all that comes with it. You will find a bottle in every beer garden, festival and catch up in the park.

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 23.54.28.png
strawnerry for presentation.png

I chose to use the sun and its rays on the limited edition label. 

The sun is a timeless symbol of life, future and freedom. 

I wanted to create a bold and memorable design that will catch our independent creatives eye whilst keeping it just as iconic, sleek and understated as the brand has always been.

final pear low.png
final berry low.png
advertising on ig new label  copy.jpg
3 bottles on billboard rainbow ray.jpg
final strawberry high.png
final pear high.png
final berry high.png

Layout variation

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